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Marketing Automation Solution & Platform

Do you need Marketing Automation?

MOHBILITY utilizes a marketing automation platform that makes one-to-one conversations with large customer bases possible. As a result of this, you and your marketing team can position yourselves in such a way that you are able to not only acquire an expansive customer base, you will be able to convert these customers to paying customers. To take it to the next level, our marketing automation platform gives you leverage that attracts these customers to keep coming back for your products and services.

Goal Webinar

Automation Email Marketing

A high conversion rate is a music to any business owner’s ears. As a business owner, you do want these high conversion rates because of what it means for your business bottom line. The question is: Are you implementing the right marketing tools for this result? If you want to increase your conversion rate, email marketing is your go-to tool. When implemented correctly, email marketing leads to a higher conversion rate from more qualified leads than most other channels. 

MOHBILITY implements email marketing that can help you deliver the high-quality content your audience expects while reducing the hours spent manually scheduling and deploying emails.  Our full-service marketing automation platform connects your sales and marketing efforts across multiple channels to streamline and empower collaboration. 

Visual Automation Workflow Builder

Our Visual Workflow Builder offers an interface for you to develop and visualize the journey for your leads. Using the Visual Workflow Builder, MOHBILITY is able to assist you in building simple or complex automation workflows using a mix of triggers and filters to fire off actions or action groups. The benefit of this for your business is that you can use this workflow to build visual diagrams of your leads’ journey to control the paths they are taking toward conversion. All visual workflows are editable once created. 

Anonymous Web Visitors Capture

You will always get traffic to your website. Build a website and the visitors will come. However, having traffic to your site does not mean anything if these visitors are not converting into actual customers. One of the crucial steps in bringing about conversion is knowing specific information and data about these visitors. Using our platform, we are able to track each visitor’s information at a micro-level including names, emails, and phone numbers. We provide you with important insight into your current web traffic for the purpose of converting these leads to sales.

Blogging with RSS Integration

At MOHBILITY, we understand that you are undergoing a plethora of activities and you will like your leads, customers, and partners to know of your great endeavors. You will like to share this through a blog (or whatever you decide to name it). Our blog building platform is dynamic, intuitive, and easy to set up so much so that you are able to start blogging and sharing posts sooner than you think. And, No, you do not have to be savvy in any computer language to have this up and running on your website. Create a customized blog layout with responsive designs that will keep your visitors and subscribers engaged. Likewise, you have the capability to harness and analyze audience behavior based on the content interaction. 

Dynamic Forms

Forms are the channels through which your business receives information regarding a prospective client or lead. You are able to use this information to send emails or relevant information that helps start the process of building a relationship that ensures conversion. We are able to evaluate the performance of all your forms. You can decide on how you want this information to be displayed (table or chart). 

These forms are designed to be user-friendly and provide navigational ease through the website. All forms are customizable to align with your business brand, design, and creative criteria.

Dynamic Landing Pages

A landing page is a content-specific web page that a visitor can access through a link or an ad.  Landing pages are created to engage a visitor with information that is very specific to the clicked link or a certain keyword. 

At MOHBILITY, the purpose of creating your business or project landing page is to convert your visitors to active customers. We provide a dynamic integration that supports the easy gathering of visitor information in exchange for a marketing offer, such as promotions, eBooks, or webinars. Careful attention is paid to the development of your landing page to display content that is specific to the advertisement, search keyword, or link clicked.  

Additionally, we manage your landing funnel as pre-determined pathways composed of different web pages, established to marketers and tracked by analytics. All funnels are designed to bring about conversion and ensure that the steps are followed in the right order. 

Marketing Analytics Tools

You have decided to utilize various marketing tools. It is imperative that you have a means of measuring the success or lack thereof of your email marketing implementation. Use our transformative and comprehensive email marketing analytics to determine your Return on Investment (ROI). Your ROI is determined using various rubrics such as clicks, opens, bounces, and successful deliveries. The data from this analytics is used to build an attentive audience that receives and engages with your email promptly. 

Our offerings of marketing analytics tools are not limited to email marketing. We provide campaign analytics and tracking, simple google ads integration, multiple device tracking analytics. Might we add that you will be over the moon with our custom report for marketing analytics.

Contextual Social Media Content Management

Social Media Marketing is here to stay. Your target audience is on social media and you have to keep them engaged with your content and offerings. You are competing with millions of other businesses on social media. Hence, the need for thoroughly planned and consistent content that will keep your audience coming back for more. Your content to be planned daily, weekly, or monthly. 

Let us support you by curating a social media calendar that allows you to automate your postings across multiple platforms. This in turn gives you more time to attend to other business demands.