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Business Development

BUSINESS STARTUP SOLUTION - BUSINESS REPUTATION MANAGEMENT SOLUTION - WHAT IS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (Biz Dev)? Business Development (Biz Dev) is a combination of ideas, initiatives, and activities, which are aimed towards increasing revenues, growth--in terms of business expansion (location, people, product), increasing profitability by building strategic partnerships, and making well-calculated business decisions. MOHBILITY works with [...]Read More »

Business Analysis

BUSINESS REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS SOLUTION - BUSINESS IT GOVERNANCE SOLUTION - WHAT IS BUSINESS ANALYSIS? Business Analysis is the practice of research discipline of identifying various business needs and solutions to business problems. MOHBILITY investigates business systems, includes examining elements of the organizational structures and staff development issues; and also evaluates current processes and Information Technology [...]Read More »

NonProfit Governance Solution

NONPROFIT MARKETING SOLUTION - NONPROFIT BOARD GOVERNANCE SOLUTION - WHAT IS NONPROFIT GOVERNANCE? Nonprofit governance is the process of providing strategic leadership to nonprofit organizations by setting direction, strengthening policies and strategic decisions, overseeing and monitoring organizational performance, and ensuring overall accountability. MOHBILITY helps nonprofit organizations operate transparently, prudently, and ethically by adopting well-recognized ethical [...]Read More »

Corporate Branding

BRAND ACTIVATION SOLUTION - NONPROFIT BRANDING SOLUTION - WHAT IS CORPORATE BRANDING? Corporate Branding involves marketing and promoting various products or services under the name of a company. The scope of a Corporate Brand is typically much broader - Branding can incorporate multiple touchpoints including; logo design, customer service, training of employees, packaging design, media [...]Read More »