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Social Media Marketing Strategy


Social media advertising is the new wave of internet advertising; it helps businesses find new potential clients by using organically shared information to identify interest. Social Media Advertising algorithms use advanced targeting options, and reliable conversion tracking and prevalence on mobile devices.

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING – Facebook Advertising uses unparalleled targeting capabilities, which only work when companies set goals, follow Facebook Ad format guidelines, use multiple ad sets, narrow the target audience, use a social media optimized image, and create eye catching Ad design. MOHBILITY helps businesses explore major advertising opportunities and to understand targeting and best practices on Facebook Advertising. We focus on marketplace ad placement, external URL ads, Facebook Object ads, Page Post ads, sponsored stories, promoted posts, Facebook offers, Facebook sponsored search results, Facebook exchange re-marketing ads, Custom audiences, Action spec targeting, Facebook premium ads and more.

SOCIAL NETWORK ADVERTISING – Social network advertising is an online advertising concept that relies on social media information and/or social networks in generating, targeting, and delivering marketing communications. Stretching beyond general demographic and geographic data, social media advertising has opened doors to deeper interests, behavioral marketing and connection-based targeting methods. Mobile device users have given life to social advertising and are driving the innovation of Social network advertising when using mobile apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or LinkedIn.


BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY DISCOVERY – Social Media gives everyone the opportunity to connect, share, and participate with other people. MOHBILITY helps small businesses evaluate their social landscape of both their public facing brand and their industry.

PROCESS MANAGEMENT STRATEGY – Research Your Social Competitive Landscape – Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) Goals – Identify and solve the biggest challenges – Listen and engage aggressively – Create a Social Media editorial calendar – Analyze valuable Social Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – Measure, refine the process and repeat.

PROCESS DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY – MOHBILITY assists companies to identify the idea customer in order to generate key successful metrics such as conversion rate, brand mentions, total shares and more. Investing in Social Media Management tools can help track, analyze, and optimize social presence.

PROCESS IMPLEMENTATION – MOHBILITY helps small businesses to focus on company goals, business objectives, measurement of success, and operational tactics.

PROCESS ANALYSIS & REPORTS – Set relevant measures of success – Monitor valuable metrics – Communicate and capture consumer stories and testimonials – Refine and report to executives.