Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of incorporating location technology into products and services to achieve high rankings in major search engines. Local SEO will properly target your intended audience, which will notably increase your profitability not only on desktop computers but also on smartphones and tablets. MOHBILITY AGENCY takes a different approach to Local SEO. Through mapping systems and online listings,  MOHBILITY AGENCY provides easy access to accurate business information, so small businesses can earn superior listings above their local traffic competitors.

LOCAL SEO KEYWORD RESEARCH / STRATEGY – Targeted keywords and key-phrases are one of the most important elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). MOHBILITY AGENCY implements the best SEO practice approach for a complete list of link building activities to raise both major search engine rankings and organic traffic.

LOCAL SEO ACTIVITY REPORTS – MOHBILITY AGENCY provides a complete SEO performance report for each client’s website. MOHBILITY AGENCY then conducts an SEO performance assessment, as well as a data review on your online traffic, top referring keywords, and key-phrases for clients’ business, and a detailed explanation of major search engines’ activity.

LOCAL LISTING SUBMISSIONS – Let MOHBILITY AGENCY enhance and verify your business information:  name, address, phone number, website, description, and categories of local listing profiles in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Social Media.

OPTIMIZE GOOGLE MY BUSINESS – MOHBILITY AGENCY can help you with claiming and accurately updating your business listing to control and manage brand reputation.

BING PLACES FOR BUSINESS – Bing enables businesses to create a local profile listing for consideration in the organic search engine results.  MOHBILITY AGENCY specializes in creating business profile listings with optimum keyword placement.  We will help bring your customers right to your website.

YAHOO! LOCAL – Yahoo! provides a mass directory listing service called Yahoo! LocalWorks, which lists business profiles in over 40 directories.  MOHBILITY AGENCY creates and manages these listings to get clients the visibility they’re after.


ACCURATE SEARCH ENGINE LISTING PROFILE INFORMATION – Major Search Engines strive to provide potential customers with valuable, practical information such as the address of the business and business hours. MOHBILITY AGENCY works with business owners and managers to keep business information up-to-date and accurate on listing portals for better search engine referencing.

PRECISE LOCATION INFORMATION AND KEYWORDS – The consistency of Business Name, Business Address, and Business Phone number (NAP) on local business listings have a 16 percent (16%) influence in determining performance.

SEEK REVIEWS ON SEARCH ENGINES – According to Nielsen, 92 percent of customers say that they trust advertisements and recommendations from third parties more than traditional, paid advertising.


VIDEO SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – Optimized videos provide a tremendous opportunity for organic search traffic via video content. Video streaming channels such as Youtube, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Vimeo, and Dailymotion have provided a greater advantage to small business owners through rapidly producing original multimedia content for a targeted audience.

SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO – Social Media platforms are integrating video features more and more. Social Media videos help generate sales, obtain leads, develop an audience of followers, and get fans to read specific articles and press releases.