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Outsourced Chief Marketing Office (CMO) Solution

Do you need a CMO?

Marketing can be complex and wide-ranging. Hence, the reason why companies might be unaware of their need for a CMO. If your goal as a company or organization is to maximize your earning potential and improve your reach to customers, then you need a CMO. If you are facing an uphill battle in the quest to promote your brand, you will be making a wise decision to hire a CMO.

It is quite possible that your business is not growing as fast as your competitors. Hiring a CMO can redirect your company’s focus, pull it out of stagnation, and place you on the cutting edge of the industry. A CMO can provide a fresh insight that moves your company to the next level.

Can a company function without a CMO?

There are companies that have chosen to rid themselves of having a CMO. These companies in turn consolidate the responsibilities of a CMO under titles such as Chief Brand Officer, President of Brands, Chief Commercial Officer.

Each one of these roles essentially mirrors to a large extent the role of a CMO. It appears that though these companies are omitting the title of CMO from their staff directory, it is very apparent that these companies still largely depend on staff regardless of the title to carry out the marketing and branding activities.

Therefore, regardless of the title a company decides to label its marketing staff, it is clear that companies cannot do away with the essential roles and responsibilities of a CMO within their organization.

Marketing Health Audit

MOHBILITY conducts a holistic audit using industry best practices to uncover opportunities and can highlight previously unknown areas of strength. We provide comprehensive, systematic, regular, and recurring marketing audits to make sure our clients’ marketing strategies are airtight.

Sales Funnel Configuration

A sales funnel is a marketing concept that maps out the customer journey when interacting with your products and/or services. MOHBILITY develops sales funnel strategies and logic models that can increase your customer retention rate and boost overall.

Sales Funnel Management

We provide custom lead generation and lead management solution that allows business owners to implement and maintain a sustainable lead nurturing process.

What are the CMO duties?

MOHBILITY’s Chief Marketing Officer engages in a plethora of duties and responsibilities. The duties of a CMO often overlap with other departments within an organization. The role of a CMO includes but are not limited to:

  • Plan, implement and manage marketing strategies.
  • Use data and reports to make evidence-based recommendations and decisions.
  • Define, measure, and report the performance of all paid marketing channels/campaigns and assess against ROI and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) goals including customer acquisition and retention.
  • Create and champion an optimistic brand message that will resonate with the target demographic.
  • Design and improve upon marketing campaigns for each aspect of the company Drive investment in digital marketing and roll out technological upgrades.

Online Brand Reputation Management

MOHBILITY provides advice to small business owners on managing online ratings and reviews for local and national public-facing brands. Reputation Management is aimed to boost online visibility and drive visitors to a website by assisting the reputation of a business within search engines.

  • Transparency: Accurate company information on the website – Customer response management process – Avoid questionable black-hat tactics.
  • Customer Services: Prospective customer engagement strategy – Reviews and complaints resolution strategy.
  • Services Offered: Are declared services offered to businesses, individuals, or both? Offer additional/unique services.
  • Cost Clarity: Product and services offered compatibility to market value – Clear pricing information on websites.