Joint Culture Club


The Joint Culture Club (JCC) is a one of a kind coffee shop and Cannabidiol lounge offering visitors the chance to experience a coffee brewmaster at work while enjoying different gourmet coffees, organic smoothies, exotic teas and relaxation in a chic CBD consumption lounge in Southern California.

As a new business entity in the early stage of development, Joint Culture Club (JCC) needed help in developing marketing campaigns, product design and website development.



In employing our CMO service, a comprehensive marketing plan was developed to have an understanding of the target audience, develop appropriate marketing strategies, and evaluate branding and current market trends. Our marketing approach incorporated advertising, social media marketing, public relations, email marketing, direct mail marketing, and customer loyalty programs.

Moreso, it was imperative that JCC operated through a website that perfectly fits with the on-the-go lifestyle of its target market. The website needed to be mobile-friendly.  Navigation, visual design, engagement, accessibility, branding, and client conversation were elements that were thoroughly embedded in the web design process.

Part of the JCC brand awareness strategy was the sale of branded apparel. MOHBILITY’s expertise informed decisions around the development of the brand logo, creative elements, and brand persona analysis.


Our comprehensive marketing campaign enabled JCC to have a wide-ranging access to its intended target market. JCC had a rich database of customer information needed for ongoing marketing and increased sales.

Brand awareness tactics coupled with a well-design website, increased JCC’s potential customers’ conversion rate. We were able to target specific leads and build solid interest in the brand.