High Energy Circle


High Energy Circle is a luxurious and sophisticated international members only cigar and business club developed for like-minded global leaders and business influencers.

As a social club, High Energy Circle’s success and revenue generation is highly dependent on the effective of its outreach and public relations activities.  High Energy Circle was struggling with creating brand identity, increasing social media engagement as well as designing an interactive and engaging website.



It was our goal to create a branding strategy that aligned with High Energy Circle’s business ideals and resonates with its member culture. We helped with refurbishing its logo into one that really represents the company’s ‘High Energy’ persona. We created an emotional connection that elicits the members and prospective members desire for exclusivity by arousing audience curiosity around its members-only private social cloud platform.

Project Results

The move to MOHBILTY has created a buzz around the High Energy Circle brand within the cigar community.

The outreach surrounding the creation of a notable brand identity brought an increase in prospective member leads.

The newly designed website features promoted audience engagement and high traffic. There is little to no downtime when members are engaging with the website.