Hercules Investments


Hercules Investments is an alternative investment manager specializing in systematic investment strategies to monetize alpha from market volatility. Hercules applies this expertise to offer equity strategies that are risked-hedged to effectively generate all-weather performance.

Hercules sought out the services of MOHBILITY to optimize its website’s user-friendliness, search engine ranking and structural video content. The website lacked clear and organized navigation to important content. Hercules needed to integrate changes that enhanced its content visibility  within search engine ranking.


MOHBILITY tackled Hercules challenges by restructuring the landing page in a way that enabled visitors to get the information they needed to make decisions about offered services. High responsiveness during navigation was a priority in completing this task. We incorporated a combination of effortless navigation menu, readability, and enhanced loading time.

Hercules relies heavily on engaging its audience through video content. A newly curated layout was integrated within the website to ensure all video content were easily accessible to reduce audience frustration and navigation hiccups.

Client sustainability and longevity was paramount to Hercules. Hence, the reason why we implemented solutions to boost Hercules rankings and improve website performance via on-page SEO optimization.

Project Results

Under our guidance and professional expertise, we were able to  orchestrate a website that fostered high user engagement level. An improved video content layout brought about an increase in viewership.

The direct implication of this strategy  was an uptick in the awareness of Hercules services and portfolios within the target market. Ultimately, there was a dynamic change in the length of time users interacted with the website; enabling consistent following of returning users.