Brand Identity Design for your business

BrandINg strategies

MOHBILITY helps companies to align corporate strategy and ensures that the corporation is leveraging adequately on the untapped internal and external resources. We gather leaders of the company in order to ask the necessary questions that determine the WHO, WHAT, and WHY.

Branding can incorporate multiple touchpoints including; logo design, customer service, training of employees, packaging design, media production, advertising, stationery design, and quality of products and services.

Brand activation is the seamless integration of events and experiences that enables communication to engage directly with consumers and build a loyal brand community around company products or services. MOHBILITY implements excellent community inclusive and interactive campaigns to activate consumers and build unforgettable brand recognition.

Brand Identity Analysis

To distinguish and identify consumer’s perception, MOHBILITY conducts a brand audit and analysis of creative elements such as color, logotype, design, name, and symbol.

Brand Personality

MOHBILITY assists companies in distinguishing their brand persona, belief, and experience. Brand personality allows businesses to assess, create, and address the full customer experience elements to maintain an outstanding reputation in the public sector.

Brand Communication Plan

Brand Maintenance – Awareness Tactics – Lead Gen Tactics – Relationship management tactics – Communication calendar – Budget – Measurement and Evaluation.

Creative Development

Visual identity Design – Marketing materials development – Website – Advertising – Signage – Direct mail and more…