5 Digital Marketing Tips on Building your Non-Profit Brand


5 Digital Marketing Tips on Building your Non-Profit Brand

Nonprofit organizations are well known for taking on selfless missions and tasks from which people often shy away. By virtue of this, most nonprofits have come to believe that their philanthropic endeavors will always gain them the visibility required to succeed as an organization. This could not be further from the truth. Nonprofit organizations need more than their selfless missions to attain growth-inducing visibility. Why?

The competition is stiff out there in the nonprofit sector. There are several nonprofits carrying out similar missions. To stand out in the sea of competitors, nonprofits must take their branding process seriously. The value of strategic branding is immeasurable. Read along for five (5) digital marketing tips to help your nonprofit build its brand.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This is the practice of improving the quantity as well as the quality of traffic to your website. SEO is about knowing what the online community needs to find. Nonprofits can leverage this tool to drive up funding for their organizations. In the last few years, there has been an increase in online giving to nonprofit organizations. Understanding how SEO works and implementing it efficiently allows nonprofits to gain access to these communities of givers. When embedded with other marketing tools, SEO can create a framework for lasting long-term partnerships with community members and stakeholders. 
  2. Social Media Optimization: Organizations having an online presence has become the norm. You will be hard-pressed to find a nonprofit organization that does not have a social media account. Social media offers a platform through which nonprofits are able to gain access to people who share the same vision and value. While the numbers of followers in the tens of thousands are enough to make any account manager swoon, these numbers mean nothing if they do not translate to donations. Nonprofit organizations need to actively engage their target audience on various social media platforms. This active engagement gives the target audience a sense of community. This sense of community and belonging is what breeds long-term donors. However, nonprofits should remember to keep transparency in mind as they share content and engage on social media. 
  3. Email Marketing: In the process of fusing email marketing with varied marketing strategies, nonprofit organizations need to become savvy about data collection. One great tool for data collection is to place sign up forms in areas on your website that are readily accessible. If done right, email marketing can be one of the most valuable tools nonprofits can utilize to engage and connect with donors as well as supporters. Email marketing is often viewed as a marketing tool employed by for-profit businesses to generate sales. For nonprofit organizations, email marketing helps attract people to get involved and share your vision and objectives giving you a broader reach. 
  4. Video Marketing: Most nonprofit organizations began as a commitment to be an agent of change. This is why there is no other industry that will benefit from the power of storytelling than the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits can use the emotive power of storytelling to breathe life into their mission and vision. Using video content to appeal on an emotional level can be powerful in gaining audience loyalty, commitment, and support. 
  5. Community Partnerships: Building your community partnerships can hold the key to having a community staying power for nonprofits. Credibility is the currency nonprofits need to amass as a resource to have an ongoing impact within the community they serve.   Fostering community partnerships allows nonprofits to have allies who are willing to walk through the trenches with them. This is highly crucial because of the average nonprofit struggles with funding. Therefore, building community partnerships give nonprofits access to resources that they otherwise would not have at their disposal. More importantly, community partnerships give nonprofits much-needed visibility. 

It can be overwhelming building a successful non-profit brand but it is not an impossible task. Nonprofit organizations can increase their chances of gaining credibility, funding, visibility, and long-term support when these tips are strategically implemented. High responsiveness and adaptability are crucial when integrating non-profit digital marketing strategies. At MOHBILITY, we give you the roadmap your nonprofit needs to build a noteworthy and sustainable brand presence for your organization. 

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